wholesale and exporter live tropical fish

invertebrates, aqua plants and aquatic product


Abbasy Aquatic is a brand from Indonesia operating globally and was founded in 2003. The Abbasy Aquatic deals in ornamental fish, shrimp, snail, aqua plants, fish food, frozen food. As a wholesale and exporter, we are able to ship directly from our farms and collection facilities in Indonesia. Each package is a custom packed box, depend on your needs to meet your expectations.

why choose us

wholesale and exporter tropical fish

professional human resources

we have professional person with hand on skill handling live tropical fish for worldwide shipment

wholesale and exporter tropical fish


a well known and reputable company give you safety while doing long term business plan

best price abbasy aquatic

affordable price

we are not only giving you a competitive price, but the best value for money depends on minimum order quantity

wholesale and exporter tropical fish

variety of product

with a stable quantity of product in stock, many variants of fish species will give you a wide option to choose the product you want

wholesale and exporter tropical fish

delivery option

you can use your own transhipper if you do not have import license clearance, or contact us for other delivery options


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