Basic Guidelines

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This page has been assembled to help you through the whole process. It is made to protect your purchases, your money, your rights. The following is not just some lengthy legal stuff, it contains important information, that you SHOULD really know before placing an order.


You can initiate the purchase of an item by clicking the “Order Form” menu. You can continue order after you put a place an order, but you can change that value to fit your needs. The order placement system is easy but an advanced one.

Estimate shipping cost

Your shipping cost can be estimated even before you proceed to the checkout. It is based on your location and the total weight of the package and the type of products that you have in your order. More about shipping in Shipping Info

Acceptance of the order

Our colleagues will contact you if they have any questions or comments regarding the shipment of the products (for example if the requested quantity is not available from stock or if the requested size is not available, etc.).

Alternative ways to place an order

You can place an order in an email. Please give us the following data: address (street, number, zip, city, country, nearest airport), shipping address (if different), phone number, desired goods, and quantities. If you cannot be reached by phone and email, your order will be canceled. You can also call us on phone to place an order, but please bear in mind that our sales colleagues are extremely busy with the guest at the shop and phone inquiries so we can not process lengthy orders by phone. You are always welcome to call and ask for ordering advice.


The shipping companies will deliver packages on WORKDAYS and during the WORKING HOURS. The shipping agent will try to contact you on the phone number you specified in your order or leave a letter with the local customer service number and they also generally leave their own mobile phone numbers, so you can call them and specify a new delivery time and even a new local delivery place. All delivery agents are highly motivated in delivering the packages and they will do everything to contact you and hand over the package as quickly as possible.

Delivery cost

All deliveries are made by our subcontractors. Prices vary depending on the country and on the weight of the package – as well as on the type of goods that are to be delivered. The freight cost will be specified in the order summary before you submit your order. Should you have an inquiry as to whether or not we ship to a specific location, please contact us.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of crucial importance to us. We will handle all requests in a quick and professional manner. In some rare cases, we might be unable to contact some customers due to faulty contact details. Please contact our Customer Service with any complaints (or please send an email) and we will try to find a solution for your case. We will handle these requests with the best effort and we are going to return the payments for undelivered packages. Your purchase is safe with Abbasy Aquatic.

Incomplete or damaged packages

Our team is preparing the packages with the best care and using the best packaging materials available. We only put new, factory-state goods in the package. All packages are being dispatched undamaged through our freight partners. We ask all our customers to please sign the package acceptance document and then check the exterior of the package in the presence of the agent – especially in the case of fragile goods. If no written damage note exists, we will not be able to file a claim with the freight company and we can not replace or re-send the goods. In case of internal damages – not visible from the exterior – you have 2 days to report – sending us an email with a detailed description of the damage as well as image (images or video) of the damaged goods. We will be able to address these issues only if we receive written notification within 2 days from package arrival.

Package acceptance checklist:

Please pay the required package value (if required). Prepaid packages are free to get.
– Please sign the acceptance of the package.
Examine carefully the exterior of the package for any damages (leakage marks on packing, torn package, missing tape, damaged sides or corners etc.).
Please fill the complaint form (or damage form – available at the agent) and sign it.
– After the departure of the agent, please open the package and check its contents. Report any problems within 2 days.
Please help us provide a perfect service for you. Always inspect the package. This could be the only source of customer un-satisfaction at Abbasy Aquatic, it is the best interest for us all to avoid these situations.

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