Payment Method

payment method

We accept many types of payments on our bank account/digital payment so you have a wide variety of options to pay for the products purchased. This page describes these payment methods accepted by Abbasy Aquatic. You will find additional information about these in the payment section of our Payment Method.

Cash on Delivery
This option is only available for Indonesian citizens only. You can pay for your package on delivery – to the agent – in cash. The payment can be made by anybody – not just the receiver of the package. If you are not able to pick up the package on your local address, you can ask a neighbor, friend or colleague to get it. The delivery agent will only handle you the package once you paid for it. If the package is not paid for, it will be returned to Abbasy Aquatic.

Another big advantage of the Cash-on-delivery mode is that you do not have to have a credit or debit card in order to pay for the goods. You will find additional information about the package deliver on our package delivery page and the delivery section of our Packaging Info.

Bank transfer
This is a secure way to pay for the goods. Your order will be processed after the funds have arrived at our bank account – which is usually 1 or just 2 days. You will not have to pay anything when you receive your package.

Bank transfer is really practical, and international wire transfer is easy. All you have to know about the recipient is listed below. Please note that – by default – we only accept USD payments sent to our USD bank account (listed below).  

Account Holder (beneficiary): Bayu Chandra Permana
Account Number: 132 00 171 999 78
Bank Name: Mandiri
Bank Address: Jl Raya Cimahi
Please that our shipping address (shop address) is different from our company (invoicing) address.

Secure Credit Card payment
Credit or Debit Card payments
We offer secure credit card or debit card purchases to our customers through the service provided by our bank. Payment is quick and secure. We have no knowledge of your financial data or card information, all of that goes to the bank directly. Please remember before purchase, that all cards have a limit. you can modify that limit by contacting your bank.

We will get an immediate notification from the bank after your card has been accepted, so we will start processing your order without delay. We have made a very detailed information page on credit card payments: it is right here. You can use this method confidently,  Bank uses the latest technology and security.

Paypal payment
Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods, opening an account with them is easy and quick. It’s a big advantage is that your transaction will stay anonymous, your details (company name) of your purchase will not be shown on your bank statement. Paypal payment is also instantaneous if you have linked your credit or debit card to your Paypal account. Please note that if you do not make the payment after your purchase, we will have to wait until the money arrives on our Paypal account before we start processing your order. Please do not send an email to our Paypal email address as we do not read that regularly. Use the contact email address instead.
Our Paypal address (for payments only):


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Estimate Shipping Cost

estimate shipping cost
Destination CountryShipping Cost (USD)
China$3.2 – $4.6 / Kg
Hongkong$2.7 – $4.1 / Kg
India$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Japan$3.2 – $4.6 /  Kg
South Korea$3.2 – $4.6 / Kg
Malaysia$2.7 – $4.1 / Kg
Phillipines$2.9 – $4.1 / Kg
Saudi Arabia$4.7 – $6.1 / Kg
Singapore$2.2 – $3.6 / Kg
Taiwan$3.2 – $4.6 / Kg
Thailand$2.7 – $4.1 / Kg
Austria$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Belgium$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Denmark $4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Finland$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
France$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Germany$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Italy$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Netherland$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Portugal$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Spain$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Sweden$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Switzerland$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
United Kingdom$4.2 – $5.6 / Kg
Australia$4.1 – $4.6 / Kg
New Zealand$3.7 – $5.1 / Kg
Canada$4.7 – $6.1 / Kg
USA$4.7 – $6.1 / Kg

Death On Arrival

According to our experience, the Death On Arrival (DOA) rate is below 1.7% on average.

If there any fish D.O.A, the customer must report to Abbasy Aquatic within 120 minutes of arrival. and if your purchase does arrive dead, whether the loss is caused by carrier’s mishandling or by something we have done, we will refund it (excluding packaging and shipping), provided you sign for the delivery on time, and the below procedure is followed:

Photos of the livestock should be emailed to us.
Never dispose of or return a fish without authorization.

Our guarantee applies to original shipment only, not replacement items. Shipping and box charges are not included in this guarantee and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Our guarantee covers live arrivals only. We disclaim any responsibility once the fish is introduced in the tank. To greatly reduce the risk of your existing fish and/or the newly purchased fish becoming ill, we recommend that you quarantine the newly purchased fish for a few days prior to introducing them into your aquarium. This ensures the new fishes’ immune systems have recovered to full strength.


We reserve the right to refuse shipment to anyone.
Our livestock is treated with the highest possible care.
We breed and raise a lot of our own stock.

All livestock is non-returnable

All our livestock is quarantined from one week, but up to two months, before selling to make sure they are healthy and strong before they are sold.

As all our livestock deliveries are arranged with you (the customer) prior to dispatch, you must be available to take delivery of the livestock. Failure to take the collection when it arrives via our chosen courier will void any guarantee provided by Abbasy Aquatic.

There are some differences in D.O.A policies for wild caught fish and it will be discussed further before becoming a separate agreement.