Loyalty Program


Terms & Conditions

Abbasy Aquatic rewards program could be a rewards program offered by Abbasy Aquatic to wholesaler/distributor customers.
– Membership within the program is going to be granted automatically after the second purchase and client acceptance of those program rules.
– A Member should offer all data necessary to open a Abbasy Aquatic account, as well as his or her legal name, request address, sign, and e-mail address. Account specific data are going to be sent via e-mail to the first e-mail address within the Member’s Abbasy Aquatic account.
– Upon enrollment, members’ accounts are active for twelve months. Members’ accounts can stay active as long because the member earns points a minimum of once every twelve months. The Member’s account expiration date is going to be extended twelve months from the date of the last earned reward. If a member fails to earn a present in twelve months, the Member’s account is going to become inactive and every one reward can be confiscated.
– Members could update e-mail and physical addresses by visiting their account at Abbasy Aquatic website.

Earning Program Rewards

– 5% – 15% for shipping cost discount
– Members earn rewards adequate five-hitter (five percent) of qualifying purchases of any product* at Abbasy Aquatic
– Rewards will solely be earned by the person whose name seems within the program account.
– Rewards might not be transferred from one member’s account to a different account, or as a part of a settlement.
– To earn Rewards for every Abbasy Aquatic purchase, members should complete their purchase with their member account data.
– Rewards are earned once deposited into the member’s account that typically can occur at intervals thirty days once a sale has been created.
– If a present is attributable to a member for the acquisition of a product that is later coming, the reward related to that product is going to be off and deleted from the member’s rewards account.
– Reships and Credits on File are going to be excluded from earning rewards.

Redeeming Program Rewards

– Program rewards may be ransomed for the acquisition of any products, excluding Gift Certificates, at Abbasy Aquatic, furthermore as shipping, handling, and taxes related to any purchase.
– The portion of any purchase that is acquired rewards isn’t eligible for granting further rewards. wherever a member pays for an order with each reward and currency, the member can accumulate further rewards solely on the portion of the acquisition created with currency.

Additional Program Rules

– In addition to Program Rewards, Abbasy Aquatic could from time to time supply “bonus” or promotional rewards, partnership programs, or promotional incentives for members. Such offers don’t seem to be a section of the program’s formal reward structure and should be temporary. Abbasy Aquatic reserves the proper to switch or eliminate such offers at any time. These offers are void wherever prohibited by law.
– Rewards might not be oversubscribed, purchased, brokered, or bartered. Rewards don’t have any money price and are void if oversubscribed, purchased, brokered, or bartered.
– All transactions within the Program are subject to review and adjustment by Abbasy Aquatic. Abbasy Aquatic could cancel the member’s account, Promotional Rewards, or any purchase if misuse or violation of Program rules is suspected.

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