Aqua Plants

Aqua Plants Stocklist

Picture Common Name Bundled Loose/Pcs Qty/Box Stock

Alternanthera bettzickiana green

Alternanthera bettzickiana green 1   TBA Available

Alternanthera bettzickiana red

Alternanthera bettzickiana red 1   TBA Available

Alternanthera Cardinalis

Alternanthera Cardinalis 1   TBA Available

Alternanthera Lilacina

Alternanthera Lilacina 1   TBA Available

Alternanthera Reinecki

Alternanthera Reinecki 1   TBA Available

Alternanthera Rosaefolia

Alternanthera Rosaefolia 1   TBA Available

Alternanthera Sessilis

Alternanthera Sessilis 1   TBA Available

Ammannia gracilis

Ammannia gracilis 1   TBA Available

Ammannia Senegalensis

Ammannia Senegalensis 1   TBA Available

Ammoricia aquatica

Ammoricia aquatica/Physostegia purpurea 1   TBA Pre-Order

Anubias sp.

Anubias sp. 1   TBA Available

Aponogeton crispus

Aponogeton crispus 1   TBA Available

Aponogeton undulatus

Aponogeton undulatus 1   TBA Available


Aquafern 1   TBA Pre-Order

Bacopa amplexicaulis

Bacopa amplexicaulis 1   TBA Pre-Order

Bacopa lanigera

Bacopa lanigera 1   TBA Available

Bacopa monieri

Bacopa monieri 1   TBA Available

Bacopa myriophilloides

Bacopa myriophilloides 1   TBA Available

Bacopa rotundifolia

Bacopa rotundifolia 1   TBA Available

Blyxa aubertii

Blyxa aubertii 1   TBA Pre-Order

Blyxa japonica

Blyxa japonica 1   TBA Available

Cabomba aquatica

Cabomba aquatica 1   TBA Available

Cabomba caroliniana

Cabomba caroliniana 1   TBA Available

Cabomba piauhyensis

Cabomba piauhyensis 1   TBA Pre-Order


Caladium 1   TBA Available

Cardamine lyrata

Cardamine lyrata 1   TBA Available

Ceratophyllum demersum

Ceratophyllum demersum 1   TBA Available

Ceratopteris thalictroides

Ceratopteris thalictroides 1   TBA Available

Chlorophytum bichettii

Chlorophytum bichettii 1   TBA Pre-Order

Cordyline red edge

Cordyline red edge 1   TBA Pre-Order

Crassula helmsii

Crassula helmsii 1   TBA Pre-Order

Croton species

Croton species 1   TBA Pre-Order

Cryptocoryne balansae

Cryptocoryne balansae 1   TBA Available

Cryptocoryne becketti

Cryptocoryne becketti 1   TBA Available

Cryptocoryne ciliata

Cryptocoryne ciliata 1   TBA Pre-Order

Cryptocoryne cordata

Cryptocoryne cordata 1   TBA Pre-Order

Cryptocoryne hudoroii

Cryptocoryne hudoroii 1   TBA Available

Cryptocoryne lingua

Cryptocoryne lingua 1   TBA Available

Cryptocoryne pontederifolia

Cryptocoryne pontederifolia 1   TBA Available

Cryptocoryne wendtii

Cryptocoryne wendtii 1   TBA Available

Cryptocoryne wilisii

Cryptocoryne wilisii 1   TBA Available

Cyperus alternifolius

Cyperus alternifolius 1   TBA Pre-Order

Cyperus haspens

Cyperus haspens 1   TBA Pre-Order

Cyperus helferi

Cyperus helferi 1   TBA Available

Dracaena dremensis

Dracaena dremensis 1   TBA Available

Dracaena sanderiana

Dracaena sanderiana 1   TBA Available

Dracaena variegata

Dracaena variegata 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus gricsebachii

Echinodorus gricsebachii 1   TBA Pre-Order

Echinodorus indian red

Echinodorus indian red 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus latifolius

Echinodorus latifolius 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus marble queen

Echinodorus marble queen 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus martii

Echinodorus martii 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus ozelot

Echinodorus ozelot 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus paniculatus bleheri

Echinodorus paniculatus bleheri 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus puriensis amazonicus

Echinodorus puriensis amazonicus 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus radican

Echinodorus radican 1   TBA Pre-Order

Echinodorus tenellus

Echinodorus tenellus 1   TBA Available

Echinodorus uruguayensis

Echinodorus uruguayensis 1   TBA Available

Elodea Densa

Egeria / Elodea Densa 1   TBA Available

Elodea Najas

Egeria / Elodea Najas 1   TBA Pre-Order

Eichhornia crassipes

Eichhornia crassipes 1   TBA Available

Eleocharis parvula

Eleocharis parvula 1   TBA Available

Eriocaulon cinereum

Eriocaulon cinereum 1   TBA Available

Fittonia species

Fittonia species 1   TBA Pre-Order


Glossostigma 1   TBA Available

Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

Gymnocoronis spilanthoides 1   TBA Pre-Order

Hemigraphis colorata

Hemigraphis colorata 1   TBA Pre-Order

Housttonia species

Housttonia species 1   TBA Pre-Order

Hygrocotle leucocephala

Hygrocotle leucocephala 1   TBA Available

Hydrocotle verticillata

Hydrocotle verticillata 1   TBA Available

Hygrophilla corimbosa

Hygrophilla corimbosa 1   TBA Available

Hygrophilla difformis

Hygrophilla difformis/ Synema triflorum 1   TBA Available

Hygrophilla polysperma

Hygrophilla polysperma 1   TBA Available

Hygrophilla species red

Hygrophilla species red 1   TBA Available

Hygrorhyza aristata

Hygrorhyza aristata 1   TBA Pre-Order

Lagarophon major

Lagarophon major / Elodea crispa 1   TBA Pre-Order

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

Lilaeopsis brasiliensis/new zelandiae 1   TBA Available

Limnophilla aromatica

Limnophilla aromatica 1   TBA Available

Limnophilla aquatica

Limnophilla aquatica 1   TBA Available

Limnophilla hippuroides

Limnophilla hippuroides 1   TBA Available

Limnophilla sessiliflora

Limnophilla sessiliflora 1   TBA Available

Lindernia rotundifolia

Lindernia rotundifolia 1   TBA Available

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia arquata

Ludwigia arquata 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia bravipes

Ludwigia bravipes 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia inclinata

Ludwigia inclinata 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia natan palustris

Ludwigia natan palustris 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia ovalis

Ludwigia ovalis 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia peruensis

Ludwigia peruensis 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia repens

Ludwigia repens 1   TBA Available

Ludwigia sediodes

Ludwigia sediodes 1   TBA Available

Lysimachia nummularia

Lysimachia nummularia 1   TBA Available

Marsilea quadrifolia

Marsilea quadrifolia 1   TBA Available

Mayaca fluviatilis

Mayaca fluviatilis 1   TBA Available

Micranthenum umbrosum

Micranthenum umbrosum 1   TBA Available

Microsorium pteropus Java Fern

Microsorium pteropus Java Fern 1   TBA Available

Myriophillum mattogrossense

Myriophillum mattogrossense 1   TBA Available

Myriophillum scabratum

Myriophillum scabratum 1   TBA Pre-Order

Najas guadalupensis

Najas guadalupensis 1   TBA Pre-Order

Najas indica

Najas indica 1   TBA Pre-Order

Nesaea species

Nesaea species 1   TBA Pre-Order

Nomaphilla Stricta

Nomaphila Stricta 1   TBA Pre-Order

Nomaphilla Siamensis

Nomaphila Siamensis 1   TBA Pre-Order

Nomaphilla Cherry Leaf

Nomaphila Cherry Leaf 1   TBA Available

Nuphar japonica

Nuphar japonica 1   TBA Available

Nymphaea micrantha

Nymphaea micrantha 1   TBA Available

Nymphaea zenkeri

Nymphaea zenkeri 1   TBA Available

Ophiopogon jaburan

Ophiopogon jaburan 1   TBA Available

Ottelia alismoides

Ottelia alismoides 1   TBA Available

Pistia stratiotes

Pistia stratiotes 1   TBA Available

Pogostemon stellatus

Pogostemon stellatus / Eustralis stellata 1   TBA Available

Polygonum sp

Polygonum sp 1   TBA Available

Potamageton perfoliatus

Potamageton perfoliatus 1   TBA Available

Rotala indica

Rotala indica/rotundifolia 1   TBA Available

Rotala macrandra

Rotala macrandra 1   TBA Available

Rotala walichii

Rotala walichii/mayaca species 1   TBA Available

Riccia fluitans

Riccia fluitans   Kg  TBA Available

Sagittaria natans

Sagittaria natans 1   TBA Available

Sagittaria Platyphylla

Sagittaria Platyphylla 1   TBA Available

Salvinia natans

Salvinia natans 1   TBA Available

Samolus valerandi

Samolus valerandi 1   TBA Available

Saururus cernuus

Saururus cernuus 1   TBA Available

Selaginella sp

Selaginella sp/”selaginella-water cactus” 1   TBA Available

Shinnersia rivularis

Shinnersia rivularis”variegatus” 1   TBA Available


Spattyphylum 1   TBA Available

Syngonium podophylum

Syngonium podophylum 1   TBA Available

Tonina fluviatilis

Tonina fluviatilis 1   TBA Available

Utricularia species

Utricularia species 1   TBA Pre-Order

Vallisneria gigantea

Vallisneria gigantea 1   TBA Available

Vallisneria natans

Vallisneria natans 1   TBA Available

Vallisneria spiralis corkseren

Vallisneria spiralis corkseren 1   TBA Available

Vallisneria spiralis rubra

Vallisneria spiralis rubra 1   TBA Available

Vallisneria spiralis torta

Vallisneria spiralis torta 1   TBA Available


Vesicularia dubyana/Java”moss”   Kg TBA Available


Vesicularia sp/Indonesian”pelia”   Kg TBA Available

How to Order

Send your inquiry to our company by email to (or using this inquiry form template HERE)
you also can use our chat messenger below to ask for further information.
Based on our latest stock, we will send the stock list in order to create a purchase requisition for our customer.
Customer will receive a proforma invoice, with shipping details (fish amount and value, packaging cost, and freight cost)
After confirming the order, customer send the money through Paypal, Moneygram, Payoneer, Western Union, or T/T
Then after you confirm your payment, then we start to prepare shipping documents, airlines booked and quarantine fish.
Send all packages to airlines (based on flight schedule), during the process, a customer gets all document copy for shipment.
Confirmation of package arrival by customer and report to us as soon as possible.

Please do describe us this following list in details :
– Variety of fish and its size (and your order quantity)
– Designated port nearest to your place where the product want to be delivered

Terms & Conditions

Price : FOB / Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Airport) – Currency TBA
Payment : Advance payment (Paypal, Moneygram, Payoneer, Western Union, T/T)

Packing List
Airway bill
Health Certificate (issued by the Department of Agriculture of Indonesia) for Fish
CITES Certificate (issued by the Department of Agriculture of Indonesia)
COO (Certificate of Origin) (optional)
– Phytosanitary Certificate
(for plants)
if you do not have an import license, we can help you to find a reliable custom agent in your nearest airport or transhipper.